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I have found the service and prompt delivery of Fold-A-Box exceptional. The high quality folding boxes really help with reducing storage space, for ourselves and our customers.

Tracey Samuel
Bonnie baby

I have just set up my own company offering a range of quality boxed gifts with a spiritual and holistic theme, I really struggled to find a high quality box that reflected the image of the products and because I work from home storage is a big problem. I was also having difficulty finding a company to supply me with a reasonably low quantity to start with so when I found Fold-A-Box I couldn't believe my luck! They are perfect and solve all my problems - Thank-You!

Debbie Gregory
Angelic Presents

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Fax: 01582 871297
'you put in the thought and we'll put in the effort'

I decorated the boxes in the 'Crafty' section of the website for Fold-A-Box Limited and I really enjoyed it! So much more fun than decorating greetings cards and if I were selling them the profit margin would be higher than on cards. I did some just for friends and family but now I can't make enough of them! To be honest I don't think it would have mattered what was in the box, the box was the gift! The ideas keep flowing and because they fold flat I can decorate them without them taking over the whole house!

Elizabeth Brown